Personal information

Personal information means the information such as your name, age, telephone number, mailing address, address, working place, the information of products, service you purchased and your inquiry that can uniquely identify you.

NTERACTIVE CORPORATION endeavors to protect personal information based on the following privacy policy in view of the importance of personal information in the society of advanced information network system.

Privacy policy

  1. Use of personal information
    We make use of personal information, specifying the purpose of use and within a scope necessary for the execution of work.
  2. Provision of personal information to third parties
    We do not provide personal information in our custody to third parties without the approval of the owner of the information except for the requirement by the law.
  3. Administration of personal information
    We endeavor to maintain personal information in a appropriate manner and take necessary and proper safety measures to prevent loss, leakage, takeout, alteration, infection to virus, destruction of the personal information.
  4. Disclosure or correction of personal information
    We acknowledge you have the right to disclose or correct of your personal information and respond immediately upon your request.
  5. Continuous improvement of our privacy policy
    We review and improve our privacy policy and the related code along the revision of the related law and the changes in the situation. If you have any opinion or question, please contact our administration division of this website.